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At Skydive San Marcos, we work hard to provide all of our students with an outstanding skydiving experience. Guiding students as they experience one of life’s greatest adventures is a privilege and we are honored to help our guests conquer their fears and accomplish their goals.

If you’re considering skydiving with us, we invite you to read through a few of the customer reviews below. For additional Skydive San Marcos reviews, visit our TripAdvisor and Facebook pages. See what our students have to say about their experience jumping at Skydive San Marcos and book your jump with us today!

Jessa Z. – via Facebook

Today was my first time skydiving ever, and it was the best mothers day gift of all time!

Today was my first time skydiving ever, and it was the best mothers day gift of all time! The staff here are beyond fabulous, so friendly and welcoming! The whole experience from start to finish was the best! Cannot wait to go again.

Vicki L. – via Facebook

Very professional and set me at ease. They made my first jump the BEST!

Had my first tandem skydive on June 9, 2017. It was amazing! This place is top notch and very accommodating. Tubbs was my instructor and Cotton was my videographer. They were both awesome. Very informative and a lot of fun. Very professional and set me at ease. They made my first jump the BEST. I got awesome video and pictures and the most amazing jump with Tubbs. I would recommend this place to anyone. Ready to go again. Thank you Skydive San Marcos and Tubbs and Cotton for making this an experience I’ll never forget. Y’all are great! The video is a must. Great memories to watch over and over!

Sami R. – via Facebook

Thank you so much everyone at skydive San Marcos for this amazing experience!!! Amazing amazing amazing. I can't say that enough!! The Only thing I regret is not getting the video!! I have to go back to make a video!!

Our instructors were Tubbs and Scott!! They were super great!

This was my first jump ans I was very very nervous. My biggest reservation was that I thought I wanted to jump with a man. I felt like that would make me more comfortable. I was paired with Tubbs. She was absolutely amazing. She was very reassuring and helped calm my nerves. I tried a little to back out right before we jumped but she helped me get through it and I would and will go back and jump with her anytime.

My friend jumped with Scott and said it was an amazing feel. He says it isn’t something you can describe.

Thank you so much everyone at skydive San Marcos for this amazing experience!!! Amazing amazing amazing. I can’t say that enough!! The Only thing I regret is not getting the video!! I have to go back to make a video!!

Julie F. – via Yelp

On every "grading" level, Skydive San Marcos deserves 10 Stars!!!

Skydive San Marcos is SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!
The business: “A well-oiled machine.”
Note: be prepared & be sure to tip your instructor/tandem jumper (& the camera man, if you’re getting a video package!) after your jump!!!  Cash preferred, or BE SURE to state the tip amount before they ring you up: There is no line to add a tip!
If your hair is long, best to braid it! Regardless, at least a ponytail!

On every “grading” level, Skydive San Marcos deserves 10 Stars!!!

The “Prep” (Reservations): online/by phone. Easy & efficient. I sent an additional inquiry- was called, and all questions answered prior.
Location: easy to get to; 45 mins from South ATX.
Entrance: funny, with the nose-first crashed airplane as its “marquis”!
The “Digs”: very well thought out! Inside: nice seating area, area to view post-jump video/pics, easy access bathrooms, concessions, registration area, pre-flight suiting up room, parachute packing room. Outside nearest the parking lot: a shaded, well-labeled smoking section with benches & butt collectors; well-away from disturbing non-smokers.  Behind the main building (by the landing area) is a covered area with seating for spectators to watch people land. There’s also a pool adjacent to it.
Suiting up & Pre-boarding: When called, you enter the pre-flight room, put on a jump suit and are fitted in a harness. You’ll meet your instructor/tandem partner who gives instructions that are lightning fast (especially in a 1st-timers surreal experience), but no worries! Your instructor ensures you know the most important points.  There’s a greatly appreciated covered area to await boarding the plane. And there, you are required to drink 2 cups of water before you get on (water provided).
The instructor/tandem buddy: I had Michael (awesome!). Serious confidence booster learning he’s jumped more than my collective years of dreaming to do this!  Every step of the way, I was fully confident that I could do this and it would be EVERYTHING I dreamed of!
The videographer/photographer: I had Tom – AWESOME, dude! If you may only jump once, GET the “premium” video package!!!  Yes, he’s appropriately “in your face” (so prethink your words, haha!).  He’ll capture ALL the awesome moments and you receive an outstanding flash drive of video & still pics that seals your experience in “memory” heaven!  Even as a return jumper, the video/photos are some you’ll never be able to record yourself!

My experience: Absolutely amazing!!!  We climbed steeply and launched a bit higher than “advertised” (bonus!).  Mike said I did well with the initial jump instructions. Tom was amazing with how close and interactive he was during free fall; while Mike included “poses” for pics that didn’t occur to me during the “rush” of it all!  Meanwhile, I’m just blown away, taking it all in!  Once the chute opened, Mike “gave me the reins” and taught me how to steer: We saw ourselves in the middle of a rainbow ring” and dove thru it!  We spun 1 way, then the other – and yes, I did get a little queasy!  Mid-flight, I learned about “stalling,” spinning, and other sky-diving maneuvers. Man, there’s such an immense PEACE that overcomes you when the chute is open!  Wow!
The landing area is very visible and obviously very well-planned.  Our approach was fast, but I followed every instruction as best as I could. Though we missed the “official zone” (that’s maybe 30ftX75ft?), our landing was soft & easy on the grass. Your next & only “job” (if video recorded) is to rip off the goggles and go nuts for the camera… because if you’re anything like me, you’ll absolutely want to for prosterity’s sake!

My response: OMG, Skydive San Marcos absolutely has this business down to a science!  No wonder they’re top-rated for so many years, & why so many people become “addicted.”  Their equipment -including the airplane- is all 1st-rate, the facility is top-notch, the instructors/camera crew are awesome, and the experience: IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!
Wish I did this LONG ago!!! (& can’t wait til I go again!!!)
Hate to use a borrowed advertising cliche, but: JUST DO IT!  More importantly, DO IT WITH “SKYDIVE SAN MARCOS”!!!
EXPERIENCE the BEST, & LIVE your Dream!

Update 9/17/16: took advantage of the “buy 1, get 2nd jump 1/2 off” for jump #2 with Scott.  How freaking cool: We did a reverse backflip exiting the airplane! During freefall, we “steered” towards a cloud so my family below could watch me be “pooped out of a cloud” (as my kids put it)!  BTW, I took Dramamine to maximize awesomeness vs fight any queasiness: Great idea, as we spinned more this time than my 1st jump (it was 100% per my approval, fyi). Meanwhile, my family was in the pool watching as we landed. I wanted to land on my feet this time, but another soft landing on my butt (this time, in the zone). Landing in the grass or in the pit, both were great! So, don’t panic if you miss the pit!

Is it a great day to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?  If yes, head to Skydive San Marcos!

Erin H. – via Yelp

It's a, it's a, it's Chapel jumping out of an Airplane!

It’s a bird…no, it’s a plane…no, it’s Chapel jumping out of an Airplane!

Have you ever felt the need to conquer some serious fears?  Like turning 30 for instance?  It snuck up on me and for some reason it freaked me out.  Then I had a good discussion with myself to put my big girl undies on and deal with it, so I did…

by Skydiving!

What a way to celebrate the big 3-0.  I was excited all week, can you blame me?  Then by Friday I was getting seriously nervous.  I had sewing machine leg all day at work.  (You know, the leg that goes up and down really fast when sitting.  There’s always an annoying person at the movies on your aisle with that bad habit – most likely me.)

I hardly slept Friday night.  Come on, excited and nervous…I was aobut to throw myself from a plane in less than 12 hours!

Got up at 6:30.  I wore yoga pants, a tank top, and then a t-shirt over that.  A friend who jumps regularly said wear flexible clothes and pick a place that provides jumpsuits for an extra layer to buffer the wind (glad for that advice).

Ate a decent breakfast, which helps to not feel nausiated during the jump.  (Although an older friend who jumps says that due to his age he now takes less-drowsy dramamine to help that feeling as well. – He’s over 50.)

Got there at 8:30 to sign paperwork, didn’t read it all b/c there are too many creative ways to die listed on that thing.  I was conquering fears, not adding to them – sheesh!

Parents showed up, with our dog (pets aren’t allowed, so leave them at home, Dad stayed with her in the parking lot until right before I jumped).  Two other friends showed up, hey, moral support and people who know how to work iPhones are needed!

At 9 I was fully suited up by James, had meet Christian who would be my tandem instructor/jump buddy/lifesaver, and been interviewed by Connie.  I couldn’t have asked for a better team.  Incredibly cool, very sweet, truly encouraging and positive, plus Christian made me practice in the room and in the plane to make sure I had it down.

I didn’t really breath a lot in the airplane on the ride up, scarriest freaked-out 15 minutes of my life.  I didn’t even want to talk and as is evident by this post – I can talk!  So, that says something.  Christian kept trying to get me to breath.  Poor guy, he got stuck with a Nervous Nancy.

Favorite part – launching out of that plane!
Everyone should do this once in their life. I’m a complete happy ball of smiling cheesiness.  Truly, sooooo happy at that moment.  I wish we could have done a longer free fall!

Least favorite part – the last 1/4 mile before landing.
For some reason I was really comfortable in the harness until that moment.  All of the sudden the full effect of gravitation was really evident.  I felt it before obviously, but for some reason right then I was not a fan.

My Dad has jumped at anther location before and had a rough experience, as in he said he wouldn’t do it again.  After he watched me with this team at this location he’s considering doing it again! My Mom, who is even deathly afraid of heights and would never consider this before, saw how much fun I had and how happy I was – she now will consider it, but only if Christian is her jump buddy.

(I’m not lying – someone who has jumped since 1990 starting with the military has got to be fantastic, right? He was!  Plus, the wind went in my mouth so fast I think I drooled – all I could think was “what the heck is on my face?” then realized it was spit, and freaked out it may have hit him.  I’m still not sure if it did – awkward. Note:  It is really hard to wipe your nose or mouth when falling that fast!)

If you pick any place, pick this place.  The people are professional, the place is clean and well organized, has all of its certifications, everyone there has loads of experience, and it’s fun!

Kendall M. – via Yelp

I continue to recommend this company to my friends and family. They're goofy people, and they will make sure you cross this crazy activity successfully off your bucket list!


First off, I decided to go skydiving for my birthday specifically because my parents advised me to NOT going skydiving. So being me, I went the day before my birthday, and purchased their video package along with my skydive. My skydive buddy was an ex-linebacker and made me feel really safe about the experience. I panicked initially and asked what would happen if something bad were to occur. He advised me that he had no intention of dying that day, and if we were to be strapped together, then he would also have no intention of me dying. I decided that was a pretty good argument.

The video turned out fantastic! I still can’t believe how well they captured my jump, which was a back-flip I might add, courtesy of my ex-linebacker jumping buddy. My parents were astonished that I had gone, and I could not have asked for a better experience through the preparation, equipment, and personnel.

I continue to recommend this company to my friends and family. They’re goofy people, and they will make sure you cross this crazy activity successfully off your bucket list!

Sebastian R. – via TripAdvisor

Skydive San Marcos has the best structure, staff, equipment and make it fun and exciting all the way.

Great crew, excellent equipment.

The first time I went tandem skydiving was in Vegas, and it was great. But, Skydive San Marcos has the best structure, staff, equipment and make it fun and exciting all the way.
I told my instructor Joe B. It was my 2nd skydive so on the free fall he made some spins to make it more exciting.
Every thing adds up, the quality of the installations, THE PLANE!! You’ll actually feel safe in it.

One advise, VERY IMPORTANT. Book with them direct. Even if it’s through your concierge or travel agent, don’t do it through those companies that aren’t even based in Texas. It was the 4th of July 2015 and I called one of those companies and wasted a whole morning of my trip to not arrive on time because the agent that did the booking didn’t even know how long it took to drive from San Antonio to San Marcos.

Frustrated in my way back from the reservation with another company I passed by the entrance to San Marcos Skydiving Offices. It’s a “SUBTLE” sign you can’t miss it ; )

Really go with the PROFESSIONALS!! And, just in case be prepared to do a second skydive that same day with a special discount.

Instructor JOE B, and KELLY in reservations thanks for a great day!!

Jotyle – Via TripAdvisor

This was nothing short of amazing!!

This was nothing short of amazing!! Staff you pass in the parking lot, chat and are happy even before you enter the building! My kind of place!

The ladies who check you in are welcoming and everyone you pass helps you feel more and more at ease. (I have 2 children who previously jumped here over the last couple of years and experienced a great time as well!!)

This was hands down a remarkable experience!! My tandem partner (Cotton) was great and I appreciate the way he made my jump stress-free! It was amazing!!!!! Completely worth the drive from Austin. Keep up the great work SkyDive San Marcos!!!!

Morgan H. – Via TripAdvisor

This was my second time skydiving and my wife's first time and we both loved it!

This was my second time skydiving and my wife’s first time and we both loved it! I had a much better time than my first tandem dive ~10 years ago. The staff is really laid back, but also very professional and make it a fun experience. San Marcos is a beautiful place to skydive. The landscape around there is beautiful.

Tim – via TripAdvisor

This was a Father's Day gift from my daughter. The total experience was outstanding from the professionalism of the staff, instructors and jumpers.

This was a Father’s Day gift from my daughter. The total experience was outstanding from the professionalism of the staff, instructors and jumpers. All the staff were relaxed, professional, and funny to help minimize the anxiety some people may feel.

The jump itself from the free fall (great feeling) to parachute opening and landing was very exciting and something everyone should experience once in their lifetime. The entire program was conducted in a safe manner.

The cost for this is high, but keep in mind you are paying for a jumper, plane ride, use of equipment, etc. An additional charge is the video and still photos also a bit high in cost but very worth it for if this is a once in a lifetime experience. After jumping you have a option to purchase a second jump for a reduced fee which can be redeemed on the same day (if space available) or another day within a year from the date of your first jump. I did purchase the second jump.