4 Foolproof Tips To Look Good For Your Skydiving Video

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

4 Foolproof Tips To Look Good For Your Skydiving Video

Skydiving is a super exciting and celebratory event, and there’s no better way to document the experience than to go all-in for the video package. A videographer will track your every move, from capturing your emotions ahead of the plane ride and recording the on-board scene, to exiting ahead of you so that your first elated moments in free fall are forever preserved and your post-jump glory is etched in stone. There’s so much to relish in, don’t get unnecessarily caught up in the details of what you’ll look like in mid-air. Here are 4 tips to stash in your back pocket as you prepare for your big day:


1. Dress for the occasion


If you’re stressing over what to wear, you might first consider calling the dropzone you’ll jump with to get a sense of what to expect. Most dropzones let you jump in “civilian clothes” without any sort of headgear; others require you to don a jumpsuit and aerodynamic helmet. In either case, you want to be comfortable.

4 Foolproof Tips To Look Good For Your Skydiving Video | Skydive San Marcos

For men and women both, you’re best wearing close-fitting layers. It’s guaranteed to at least be chilly 12,500 feet off the ground regardless of the season, so tank tops and shorts aren’t ideal for free fall, but loose clothing tends to flap in the wind. The most sensible and flattering look up top tends to be a combination of a comfortable layer for the ground temperature with a long-sleeved shirt over the top. At least one layer should fit over the hips so that the tandem skydiving harness can easily clip over the top. Good choices for bottoms include yoga or athletic pants. When choosing colors, opt for dark or bright colors and stay away from blues so you don’t blend in with the gorgeous sky all around you.

2. Make a statement

If you plan to declare your love, offer a proposal, apologize to Mom or give your hero a shout-out, plan ahead. Yelling in free fall is fruitless. If you have something to say, consider writing a message on your hands so you can flash your feelings to the camera and make a dramatic and memorable statement. Let your videographer know of your grand plan ahead of your ascent so you can be sure to get the shot. Videographers have seen it all – don’t be embarrassed; they’re with you to support your journey.

3. Grin in the wind

Flappy-face happens to us all in free fall … unless you’re smiling ear to ear (which you will be anyway because you’re legit flying). Unengaged muscles are subject to the wind; engaged muscles are boss. Not only do you look like you’re having the time of your life, you look confident and care-free. Trust our instructor and relax. This is your time to shine.

4 Foolproof Tips To Look Good For Your Skydiving Video | Skydive San Marcos

4. Express yourself

Look down, look all around – but also look into the camera. You’re fabulous from every angle, of course, but everyone’s favorite view is of your glowing face. Flash a double thumbs-up, shoot some sign language, show the camera some love. Keeping your non-verbals positive helps you enjoy every moment and captures the exhilaration burning bright inside.

Your skydiving video is social media gold. Work it. Own it. Relive the experience again and again.