5 Tips to Overcome Fear of Skydiving

Monday, October 2, 2017

5 Tips to Overcome Fear of Skydiving

The fact is this: Overcoming your fear of skydiving is simple. If you set your mind to it and you commit to a date, there’s no doubt about the fact that you will overcome it. Nobody, however, said that overcoming your fear of jumping would be easy. We want to support you in your quest, so here it is: our best advice to take with you into the ring as you go toe-to-toe with your yowling inner ‘fraidy cat.

1. Know the numbers.

We know, you find skydiving scary. But the skydiving safety statistics speak clearly: Skydiving is actually safer than commuting. It’s safer than wasps. It’s safer than lightning. It’s probably safer than eating raw cookie dough out of the mixing bowl with unwashed hands, but there are some ways you’ve gotta live dangerously. All kidding aside, though–the mathematical, objective, statistical safety of skydiving is probably going to be a surprise to you. Intrigued? Read up on the statistics of skydiving safety. The numbers have your back!


2. Surprise your fear of the unknown by ripping off the cover.

Often, it’s the fear of the unknown that gets us–especially if this is your very first skydive. Since you don’t know what to expect from the tandem skydiving experience, your brain goes into overdrive inventing all sorts of dreadful (and totally false) scenarios. To overcome the fear of the unknown, you’ve got to make it known, so do! Stop by the dropzone and hang out with us before the day of your jump to see the operation, watch some skydivers performing gorgeous landings and have a chat with our super-friendly staff. Bring a picnic and make it a day!

3. Along those lines: Watch some videos.

Skydivers love cameras! We love jumpin’ with them attached to our helmets, and we love when our grinning, helmeted mugs show up, whizzing through the frame. That phenomenon, of course, means that there are approximately twenty bazillion skydiving videos on the intertubes just waiting for you to watch, and they’ll give you a much better show what skydiving is like. Check out a few of the ones we’ve got here on our website and you’ll see plenty of happy, smiling people enjoying the experience of a lifetime. No skydiving anxiety! Just think, dear reader: That’s going to be you!

3. Approach your skydive like it’s a fun version of a vaccination.

Doing new stuff is never easy. Sure! But, once you’ve had a chance to brush your shoulders off and be proud of having done it, nailing a new accomplishment also means that you’re never the same again. In a way, pulling off something you’re afraid of is a vaccination against the fear that held you back in the first place. So do it! Roll up that sleeve and accept a vaccination that’s specially formulated to protect you against your own closed mind. (We should tell you: This is by a long shot the most fun you’ll ever have on the receiving end of a vaccination.)

5. Just do it.

Just juggernaut your way in there and deck your fear without a warning shot; it’ll never see it coming. Surf that wave of existential longing straight into the barrel. Call us and set the date. Right now. You don’t even have to call; you can book your tandem skydive online. Dude…you can even just start driving and call on the way to the dropzone to see if there’s room to sneak you in today! The longer you wait, the longer your fear has a hold on you–but if you smash past it to the finish line, it will totally lose its power to slow you down.


Don’t worry, dear reader–you’re part of a long tradition of jumpers who started out by looking for tips to overcome their fear of skydiving and ended up being happy, fulfilled jumpers with their hearts full of sunny skies. You’ll find your courage along the way, just like everyone else has. We’ll celebrate with you when you land!

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