Austin Texas: The Adventure List You Haven’t Heard Of (But Should Know)

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Austin Texas: The Adventure List You Haven’t Heard Of (But Should Know)

Our favorite way to experience ultimate adventure, of course, is through freefall. For us–and very likely for you, if you’re an adventurous spirit that’s always looking for a new perspective on the world–then skydiving is for you.

Luckily, skydiving in Texas is some of the best in the world, owing to our amenable climate and wide-open spaces. A Texas skydiving center, in fact, is lucky enough to have a year-round season, and Skydive San Marcos is no exception. And if Texas skydiving is the best, then Austin skydiving is especially awesome, since we’re so close to a world-class list of other adventurous pursuits–a smorgasbord of thrilling activities that elevate the soul (and, often, the body too). Here’s a quick list of our favorite neighbors to visit after you’ve made the jump with us–or, even better, earned your solo skydiving license with us!

Stay in the Sky

If your freefall has given you a taste for all things lofty, you’ll probably come right back and do your solo skydiving certification course with us. (Lots of lionhearted tandem students do just that!) Once you’ve nailed that epic challenge, you might be ready for another one: and Austin Paramotor might be just the ticket. Learning to paramotor means that you’ll become your very own aircraft–and that you’ll be able to explore the whole world under a colorful nylon wing. The school is the most prolific in the country (as of December 2017), and new classes start every two weeks. It’s quick, too: In just a handful of days with our USPPA certified instructors, you’ll build the skills to safely take your first flight.

Go to heaven in a balloon basket

When you fly in a beautiful balloon with Austin Aeronauts, you’ll suddenly realize that you’re hanging silently in the air, 1,500 feet in the chilly morning air above Austin without any safety belts tethering you in. You won’t mind, however, because you’ll be watching the sun pour melted amber over the Texas flatlands as the world winks itself awake so far below you. There’s nothing quite like it (except jumping out of a balloon, which is a thing that experienced solo skydivers absolutely love to do.)

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Be an old-timey barnstormer for the day

With Austin Bi-Plane’s “Experience Life as a Barnstormer” package, you’ll transport yourself back to the days of dizzying displays of derring-do, Rocketeer outfits and radio dramas. You’ll pull on a classic leather flying cap, steampunky goggles, a dapper bomber jacket and that iconic white scarf to take nostalgic photos in front of the operation’s beautiful open-cockpit biplane. Then you’ll hop right in and buzz the University and the Capitol Building. (Just try not to make Red Baron noises as you do. Impossible.)

Hang loose

Hang gliding in our fair state of Texas is an idiosyncratic thing indeed. Fly Texas has figured out how to get up there without the aid of a mountain, so you can take off from very-local Carter Memorial Airport. You can take a tandem flight to see if hang gliding is for you–or you can go all-in and get your hang gliding license, so you can turn every adventure into a high-flying adventure from here on out.

So, here’s the moral of the story: Skydive in Austin with Skydive San Marcos, then take wing and enjoy the rest of the wild adventures that Texas has to offer. (We’ll surely be happy to come along if you invite us. 😉 ) Happy trails!