The Biggest Regret: Not Getting Video

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Biggest Regret: Not Getting Video

Lots of people walk away from their first skydive with a serious regret.


We know. We wish that more people knew this could happen. If more potential skydivers knew the truth, far fewer would slink off with wistful faces. You know what they’re thinking as they hop into the car and get ready to drive away? MAN, I WISH I’D GOTTEN THAT VIDEO.

We wouldn’t say it if it weren’t a recurring theme: the jumpers who opt out of getting video of their very first skydive are sad about it. We wish we could, but there’s no way we can turn back the clock and turn their frowns upside down. We see this phenomenon play out every single weekend, so we want to bust out the megaphone: C’mon, y’all! You want to be able to watch and rewatch this! Your Facebook friends do, too!

1. It Is So Worth The Little Extra Money.

There are some moments in life that happen once and only once, and they’re usually “firsts.” Your first smooch as a married pair–your kid’s first steps–the very first day of school. There’s a theme here: For all of these firsts, you likely have a picture or a video of it. If you don’t, you probably regret it. The same goes for skydiving. Even if you do a thousand skydives after that first one–and many of us in the sport have done just that–you’ll never make your first jump again. Isn’t that reason enough to make sure you have something to show for it? We certainly think so!

In case you’re wondering, the video isn’t just a couple frenzied shots of you falling to earth. The basic skydiving video package includes a 10-minute video of your experience (pre-jump interview; gearing up; the airplane ride; freefall; landing), posted to the Skydive San Marcos  YouTube channel. For just $25 more, you can upgrade to the premier package. This one includes both video and high-resolution photos, presented on a beautiful bespoke thumb drive.

Oh–and there’s a discount, too. When you book and pay for the video package at the same time as you book your tandem jump online, we’ll give you $10 off.

2. Our Video Services Are The Best, Bar-None.

Y’know what’s hard? Freefalling with a camera. Snagging stunning footage of a skydive from an outside perspective takes immense athletic skill, practice and precision. A freefall photographer/videographer has to match the freefall speed of a tandem pair rocketing down at 120 miles per hour while manipulating multiple cameras, communicating with the tandem instructor, framing the tandem beautifully and keeping a cheerful smile on their face. It’s by no means an easy job! We’re proud to say that our freefall photographers are masters of their trade. You’ll certainly agree.

3. Your Video Is Just Waiting For Its Star!

Our top-shelf air-to-air videographers are on staff, so they’re standing by, waiting for you with their cameras. You just gotta say the word, and they’ll snag jaw-dropping images for you.

Are you ready for your close-up? We think you are! Book your jump today.

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