How To Cross Skydiving Off Your Bucket List

Thursday, September 21, 2017

How To Cross Skydiving Off Your Bucket List

Ah, the “bucket list”: that eponymous stack of bullet points that you’re determined to work your way down before you kick the titular bucket. Maybe yours has heretofore only appeared on cocktail napkins and scribbled in the back pages of composition books, but you know you have one, too.

First-time skydiver in freefall

The items on folks’ bucket lists range widely from person to person, naturally. We’ve seen sweet ones (“Raise the world’s best kid”) to the brass-ring-snaggin’ (“Take over that corner office”) to the totally awesome (“Race a Mario Kart through Tokyo”). There’s one thing that’s universal to all the bucket lists we’ve ever seen or heard about, however–and that’s “Make a skydive.” Usually, it sits right at the top–and for excellent reason!

So, dear reader: How are you doing at checking off those items? Let’s get you started with that bucket list item #1. With that behind you, the rest’ll start to look easy!

1. Make Your Bucket List Official.

Don’t wait: Write that $%&# down! For inspiration, head over to It’ll give you a format and some great ideas. Getting these commitments to yourself on “paper” has the magical ability to kick you into gear towards completion.

2. Take A First Step Forward Right Away.

“Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.” That was Quintus Horatius Flaccus, speaking to his fellow Romans somewhere back around the year 0, but it still distills a universal truth: That getting started strongly and mindfully is the only way to go.

To start strong, you’ve got to start. Most people find it measurably easier to work their way down the rest of their list items once “skydiving” bit is ticked off. We look at it as a hack: We’re pretty sure that this is due to the enormous confidence boost that you get from showing the entirely of Texas your megawatt grin.

Tandem skydiving student and instructor posing for camera

3. Get The Evidence.

This is your very first skydive, right? No matter how many more you do after this one, this is your only shot at capturing the first time for posterity, so get the photos and the video! You’ll be overjoyed you did. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make a whole project out of this “bucket list” thing: a whole blog, or Tumblr, or Instagram, dedicated to the shredding you do of your bucket list goals. Who knows what beautiful changes you might inspire in the lives of the people around you? Maybe you’ll be the inspiration they need to make something amazing happen for themselves.

4. Just Keep Swimming.

Once you’ve started, don’t stop! The rest of those items are waiting for you to tackle, and now you have some serious momentum. Once you’ve made a skydive over our stunning Texas landscape, you’ll know for certain that you can do anything you decide to do.

Your bucket list moment has truly arrived! Now it’s time to get out here and make it happen.

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