What To Expect After Your Second Skydive

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What To Expect After Your Second Skydive


For a whole big bunch of us, one skydiving experience is not enough. In fact, TWO skydiving experiences aren’t gonna cut it. Exit, freefall and canopy flight are a compelling enough combo to get you goin’ again and again and again. (Can I get an amen?)

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re on Team Keep On Jumpin’. If you are — and you just landed from that second skydive thinkin’ “I need me some more of that” — then listen up. Let’s get some of those burning questions answered so you can claim your rightful place in the sky.

After two visits, what next?

Once you’ve jumped out of a plane twice, you know the ropes. If you showed up for your first jump (or jumps) rolling solo, you know how much more challenging it is to skydive without a group around you. You probably want to provide that backup for the curious friends and family members that you’re this close to convincing to come out to the dropzone with you.

What To Expect After Your Second Skydive | Skydive San Marcos

Guess what? You’re the perfect candidate to bring your tribe out to the dropzone and lead them through it! Bonus: The more folks you can round up, the cheaper skydiving is for everybody involved, so put up the flyers, tweet the announcements and get the whole wolfpack on board.

How do you get to the point where you go on their own?

Your new interest might be expanding universe-fast, and you’re way into the idea of — oh, heck, I dunno — learning to skydive, getting national-champion good at it and maybe taking your Tandem Instructor’s place as a badass backseat driver. Yeah? Yeah.

If you’re gunning for glory, this is your summer to learn how to skydive solo. We can help with that! When you learn to skydive at Skydive San Marcos, you’ll be teamed up with the best teachers in the biz to complete the Accelerated Freefall solo skydiving certification program. In just a couple of weeks, your hard work will pay off with a USPA A license.

Sport skydiver in freefall

What happens after solo skydiving certification?

That little card is your ticket to skydiving by yourself (or with buddies, if you want to!) at any USPA dropzone in the US or around the world. For a taste of what you’ll experience right here at “home,” Austin, TX’s very own legendary Skydive San Marcos, peek over at our licensed skydivers information page. There are more skydiving events here than you can shake a stick at, and we’ll be looking eagerly forward to seeing your smiling face showing up for every single one of ‘em, you diehard, you.

Finally, remember: learning to skydive is a decades-long process. There’s always something new to learn and deep, expansive growth to be had! Start your journey by checking out the list of resources we’ve posted for our hometown skydiving community. You’ll see just how much there is to this “skydiving” stuff — and you’ll no doubt be stoked to kick your journey into top gear.

What are you waiting for? Your third skydive of thousands is just a “twenty-minute call” away. Make your reservation today!