Facebook’s Changing! Stay In Touch!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Facebook has announced a new change to their algorithm that will change the way we consume information on Facebook… and we applaud the change!

Facebook has become a little tiresome between political strife and the continuous barrage of advertising. We think that the move Facebook is making is a positive one for us all!

That being said, we love the platform as it allows us to easily communicate what’s happening here at Skydive San Marcos with our followers who enjoy the photography, athletes and community information we love to share. If you enjoy our content and would like to stay connected with us in your newsfeed you can do so by following each of these steps: 

If you’re reading this from your phone:

Open Facebook and access our Facebook page.

On the upper right select the three dots to the right of the search field.

If you see the word “Following,” click on it and then click “See First.”

You’re all set!

If you’re reading this from your computer:

First, make sure you “Like” the Skydive San Marcos page. Then next to the “Like” button, you’ll see the word “Following.” Roll your cursor over it and then choose “See First” and “On (Events, Suggested Live Videos). If you want to control how you’re notified when Skydive San Marcos posts something new, click the small pencil icon next to the word “Notification” and make your choices. That’s it! You’re done.



That’s it! You’re done.

We hope you’ll continue to follow us and enjoy the content we’re putting out!!!