Our Favorite Skydiving Videos

Friday, June 15, 2018

Our Favorite Skydiving Videos

Bummed out that you have to wait 200 skydives into your airsports career to strap on a camera? You might need a little encouragement. We gotcha.

Trust us: It’s worth it to earn the really, really good bodyflight skills you need to shoot a truly inspiring skydiving video. Here are a few of our favorite skydiving videos (some of which, complete with wisdom!) to send you cheerfully on your path forward. Enjoy!

Why We Jump

When non-jumpers ask us why people jump out of perfectly good airplanes, this video is our favorite response. Why do people skydive? The better question is: With benefits like these, why doesn’t everybody skydive?

How To Skydive

Released by the Australian Parachute Federation, this video doesn’t just tell you how to get started skydiving. It speaks on a much larger topic: living life to the fullest. Bonus: the soundtrack is (perhaps surprisingly?) awesome!

HOW TO SKYDIVE from Seidub Creative – ChristianWhyte on Vimeo.

400-Way Skydive

This beautiful monster of a jump happened 12 years ago: 400 skydivers linked together in the skies over Thailand to set a formidable world record. Unlike most world records, there’s a very good chance that this one will actually manage to stand forever.

Balls Pyramid

Balls Pyramid, a geologic feature near Lord Howe Island that closely resembles a gargantuan sharkfin rising from the impossible blueness of the Tasman Sea, doesn’t even look real. Guess what? It is! Jeb Corliss and Luigi Cani blew past it in their wingsuits one perfect day, and here’s the proof.

Stride No Parachute Jump

The collective skydiving world held its breath as we watched our hero — stuntman/family-man Luke Aikins — do the insane. He made a skydive without a parachute with his family watching proudly and confidently from the ground, and he nailed it!

Burj Khalifa Jump

Sure, this qualifies as a BASE jump. However, skydivers regularly make “hop and pop” jumps from this kinda altitude (a whopping 4,000 feet!), so we’re comfortable sharing it here. Check out those incredible urban-playground visuals!