Why Skydiving Is Great for Corporate Groups

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Why Skydiving Is Great for Corporate Groups

Is the office starting to feel a little, well, stale?


How about throwing everybody out the door of a plane? That oughta shake things up.


We’re barely kidding, here. There are few activities on the planet more inspiring, motivating and adrenalizing than a group outing to the skydiving center. If you’re unconvinced, let us tell you what you can expect if you haul those grey faces out to Skydive San Marcos for the day. In short: you’ll bond, get out of that comfort zone, build confidence and learn to tackle challenges as a united front. Spoiler: When it’s over, you might have a turbocharged team on your hands.

1. You’ll get to know each other so much better.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from the same office or from far-flung locations–knowing each other on a human basis is going to make working together so much more fun and satisfying. When you know who the people you work with are on a more personal basis, you’ll notice an uptick in office morale and prosocial behaviors.

2. You’ll boost team performance. 

Work projects that require teamwork–and which work projects don’t?!–benefit from a cohesive group that celebrates each others’ accomplishments. On a day at the dropzone, you can expect to do just that, in a whoops-and-hollers, no-holds-barred, I-had-no-idea-how-cool-you-were-even-after-all-these-years-in-the-next-cube kinda way.

3. You’ll spark the healthiest kind of competition.

Here’s an idea: Give out prizes! Here are a few ideas: “Calmest Airplane-Ride Face,” “Loudest Landing,” “Names of Most Equipment Parts Remembered,” “Most Likely To Become A Sport Skydiver.” A truly friendly, playful competition will help jazz your team to get better, together. (And how helpful is that going to be from 9-5?)

4. Your team will be motivating to keep the wins coming.

The celebration, cheering, and riotous fun that come part-and-parcel with group tandem skydiving have a tendency to get teams hungry for more accomplishments to celebrate. After all, if there’s nothing to woo-hoo about in the office, they’d better make something to woo-hoo about.

5. Fostering collaborative energy drives creativity and innovation.

More along those lines: Skydiving inspires a spirit of possibility and inventiveness. It breaks down barriers between people. It lets people feel comfortable exploring their potential–and the potential of the projects on their plates–in collaboration with others. We see evidence of this every day! Shared skydiving can be the first step down the path toward a more comfortable, more motivated, more successful workplace environment for any company or team, large or small.

Want even more inspiration? …How about a free jump?

Skydive San Marcos offers group rates for parties of more than five people–and, chances are, your corporate group has more than five members. Take advantage! Parties of 5-9 will receive a group discount of $10 per person. Parties of 10 or more will receive a $20 discount per person..or the group organizer will receive a free tandem skydive. Woo-hoo, right?! So drop us a line today and schedule your corporate group skydive today!

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