Is Skydiving Just For Extreme Sport Enthusiasts?

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Is Skydiving Just For Extreme Sport Enthusiasts?


It is just for the wild ones, the vagabonds that live in vans, the adventure driven loonies who want to toe the edge and taste the void, right?

Uhm. Nope. Wrong.

Skydiving is an accessible extreme sport that appeals to even the most cautious of people. A tandem skydive is a great introduction to skydiving, and the cool thing is nearly everyone can make one. Skydiving isn’t just for crazy people, adrenaline junkies, or for extreme sports enthusiasts: it is for anyone that wants to feel free.

It’s fun for all ages.

Okay, there is a minimum age to skydive, and it’s 18. But, from that age on up, you will find people skydiving in every age bracket. Sure, there are tons of juveniles turned near adults, freshly 18 that come to spread their wings, and of course, the late 20’s boisterous bachelors wanting to feel a little wild before settling down, but there are also the groups of 40-year olds with newly emptied nests, 50-year old retirees, and grandparents in their 60’s. And they all come to skydive. We’ve even seen some spunky 80-something folks making jumps! The point is there is not a perfect age to make a skydive, and unlike many adventure sports, skydiving is still an option even when you’re a bit more brittle than you used to be.

Skydive San Marcos. It's fun for all ages!

It’s not always the usual suspects.

The cool thing about skydiving is that it draws people from such diverse backgrounds and professions. At the drop zone, you can find arborists to engineers; receptionists to CEO’s; pre-school teachers to college professors; librarians to doctors. Honestly, EVERYONE can enjoy a tandem skydive. There isn’t a skydiving type. Though, based on the type of person you are, your tandem instructor can customize your experience. If you don’t want to do turns in freefall or spiral under canopy and just prefer an easy-going time—let them know. Here at Skydive San Marcos, we want the experience to perfectly suit you!

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Scaredy-cat Approved

If you read our reviews, you will come across quite a few that begin “I normally don’t do this” or “I’ve always been scared of heights”—but they come, they jump, and they love it! Skydiving may seem a bit out of your comfort zone, but at one point, everything seemed a little crazy and a little extreme. The first day of school? Terrifying. The first overnight stay at camp? Downright alarming. Starting a new job? A little nerve-wracking. Turns out, school wasn’t terrible, camp was the highlight of your summer, and the new job was a great fit. Often, some pretty great life experiences lie just outside of your comfort zone, and skydiving, as crazy as you may think it is, is definitely one of them. Want to find out for yourself? Come to Skydive San Marcos, and we will be happy to show you.