Where To Skydive In Texas: Why Choose Us

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Where To Skydive In Texas: Why Choose Us

Skydive San Marcos has some of the most beautiful, modern facilities in the US. If you’re thinking about where to skydive in Texas, we say… choose us!

What are the reasons to skydive with Skydive San Marcos? Here are just a few of the reasons skydivers – new and experienced – are choosing to skydive in Texas with us.

Beautiful Modern Facilities

Skydive San Marcos Swimming Pool and Spectator AreaWhen you come to skydive in Texas, you’ll find the most beautiful, modern facilities right here in San Marcos.

We’re very proud of the facilities we’ve built here. From our stunning spectator area to our fully equipped eateries, San Marcos is perfect for a day out, whether you’re jumping yourself or here to support a loved one.

As an experienced skydiver, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail we’ve put into our skydiver facilities, too. Our hangar is brand new and our packing areas are comfortable, clean and complete with packing weights and padding flooring.

We also have a number of training classrooms, where new skydivers will learn all about the sport. This is also where you’ll receive your tandem skydiving brief if you’re joining us for a tandem.

High-Quality Equipment

Our skydiving equipment is also very modern and well maintained. We have invested in top of the range gear, including rigs, helmets, goggles and jumpsuits.

Many of our experienced jumpers come with their own equipment, but if you are looking to hire, you’ll have your pick of high-quality containers and canopies to choose from. As a tandem skydiver, you’ll be comfortable in your harness and we’ll be able to kit you out with a nice jumpsuit too, if you’d like.

Awesome AircraftSkydive San Marcos Gran Caravan Skydiving Aircraft

The aircraft plays a huge role in your skydiving experience.

The airplane is obviously the thing that takes us up to our exit altitude. But more than that, it’s where we spend the time just before our jump taking in the experience, checking out the views and preparing ourselves mentally for what we’re about to do!

Here at San Marcos, we’re really proud to have a Super Grand Caravan. It holds 16 passengers and gets us to altitude in around 10 minutes. The ‘super’ part refers to the engine upgrade – you won’t see many Caravans this powerful, that’s for sure!

You’ll love the feeling of being in the Super Grand Caravan; you can see out of the windows and enjoy the atmosphere surrounded by all the other skydivers who will be excitedly shaking hands as they prepare to jump too.

Closest Skydiving Center to San Antonio and Austin

Being the closest skydiving center to San Antonio and Austin has many advantages for anyone looking to skydive in Texas.

Firstly, there are the great views. Looking out over Texas from 13,000 feet up is an unbelievable experience!

Then, there’s the convenience. We’re easy to reach from the I10 and I35, and when you’re done jumping, you can go enjoy the local sights. San Antonio has a rich cultural heritage so is well worth a visit to learn about Texas history. Austin has an awesome live music scene and lots of parks and lakes which are lovely to cycle or walk around.

Huge Landing Area

Our landing area is one of the biggest draws for experienced skydivers in particular.

Knowing that we have such a big, such a clear landing area means that skydivers can be confident of landing where they intend and in an area free of any potential hazards.

Highly Experienced and Professional

We’re very proud of the team we’ve built here at San Marcos.

It’s a great location for anyone looking to skydive in Texas, so we’ve been able to attract some exception talent to be here as instructors, coaches and ground staff.

On arrival, you’ll be welcomed by our kind and friendly reception staff, who will help you complete all required forms and show you around the site. Our cafe staff are very helpful and accommodating, and understand that you may be feeling nervous so they’ll make you feel right at home.

Our instructors are all highly experienced and professional. They have all completed thousands of skydives and are extremely capable and skilled in skydiving. You’ll be in great hands with our skydiving instructors, whether you’re here for the first time, or you’re a regular jumper with us.

We also have some awesome coaches on hand if you’re here to build on your existing skydiving skills.

We hope you choose San Marcos for your skydive in Texas. Book online today, or get in touch if we can answer any questions for you.


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