Why Skydive San Marcos?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Why Skydive San Marcos?


We love jumping. We’re crazy about it! In fact, we’ve traveled from sea to shining sea for a good skydive. But–just like the Beach Boys wish they all could be California girls–there’s no place like home for an amazing jump. We’re absolutely sure that Skydive San Marcos is the best skydiving on the planet, and here’s why. (Check it out: We have facts!)

Purpose-built for skydiving, by skydivers

Nobody knows how to design a skydiving destination like skydivers do–and that’s just how Skydive San Marcos was born. Built from the ground up to be a full-service dropzone, SSM sports comfortable facilities, a delicious restaurant, a full-time rigger, commodious, well-appointed classrooms, camping facilities, a swimming pool–everything you need to have a great skydiving weekend! Other dropzones get by with port-a-potties and grimy hangars, but that ain’t our way. Make no mistake: SSM is a full-service skydiving center designed to offer a first class skydiving experience.

Swimming Pool at Skydive San Marcos

And here’s a not-to-be-forgotten luxury that’s often overlooked: Skydive San Marcos owns the property we’re on. That means that we don’t suffer the whims that municipal airports often impose on dropzones that rent muni-airport space. Result: We’ve been able to modify the facilities to be just the way our skydiving community wants ‘em.

A fantastic aircraft

We’ve all done our time in little bitty skydiving aircraft, but there’s no doubt about it: a fast, comfortable skydiving airplane makes for great skydiving. At SSM, we fly a gorgeous Cessna Grand Caravan every day, enjoying the added safety, speed, comfort and door width that comes with that beautiful beast. Yeah, we’re almost certainly spoiled–but we don’t care a bit. Once you’ve jumped from the best, it’s pretty darn near impossible to go back.

Skydive San Marcos Blackhawk Caravan on Runway

7-day skydiving for 7-day skydivers

If you’re a skydiver, you probably think about skydiving every day of the week, not just on weekends. We do, too! And because we totally understand your obsession, we’ve made the simple decision not to close.

That’s right! Skydive San Marcos has a full-time staff and jumps every day of the week. Our valiant staff of stone-cold pros doesn’t divvy their time out to other things. Skydiving is our full-time job, and we like it that way. So if it’s Tuesday afternoon and you’re craving some freefall, we’re here for you!

Speaking of professional…

If you’ve spent ay time in the skydiving world, you already know this: On any given dropzone, things can be a little…well…casual. There can be a pervasive “who even cares” attitude that emanates from every little detail: from the cleanliness of the facilities to the appearance of the staff to the quality of the instruction. You could think of it as our sport’s dirty little not-so-secret.

Why Skydive San Marcos?

Not so here. The owner of Skydive San Marcos is not only a skydiver but also a professional in the corporate world. That set of values reflects in every detail of the SSM facility. You’re gonna notice.

High-fives YES! Handcams NO!

At Skydive San Marcos, we think that hands are great for giving high-fives and deploying parachutes. We don’t, however, think they’re a great place for a camera. Lots of skydiving centers charge extra for handcam video, but the truth is that handcam footage is nowhere near as good as having your own camera flyer hanging out with you in the sky. If you’re going to pay for video (and you should!) do yourself the favor of getting the best.

See what we mean? The midwest farmers’ dropzones may make you feel alright, but Skydive San Marcos is the keeper. Come and see us today!