Licensed Skydivers

Welcome to Skydive San Marcos

Welcome Fun Jumpers!

Skydive San Marcos welcomes experienced, licensed skydivers of all skill levels to join us for fun jumping year-round. Skydive San Marcos has a lot to offer experienced jumpers from super fast aircraft to first-class facilities and on-site amenities. We are the DZ of choice for licensed skydivers near Austin and San Antonio. Come jump with us and experience Central Texas’ premier skydiving facility.

Aircraft and Amenities

Skydive San Marcos is the only dropzone in the San Antonio and Austin area operating a turbine aircraft. Our Blackhawk Grand Caravan will carry you in comfort to 13,500 ft in 20 minutes or less and provides enough lift capacity to ensure your wait for the next load is never too long.

Licensed skydivers will appreciate our clean, modern facilities and variety of on-site amenities. Our facilities include air-conditioned classrooms and packing areas, a swimming pool, cafe, large open landing area, paved runway, free camping, RV slots with complete hook-up (additional charge), bunkhouses for visiting jumpers, and a warm welcome from our dedicated professional staff.

Jumping Requirements

Skydive San Marcos is a USPA Group Member so you must have a current USPA membership to jump with us. Temporary USPA memberships are available for visiting skydivers. In addition, you are required to have an in-date and functional AAD system fitted to your container system to jump at Skydive San Marcos.

If you’ll be jumping with us for the first time, you can view aerial photos of our landing area and review flight patterns on our Landing Area page.