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First-Time FAQs

Tandem Skydiving FAQs

First-time skydiving? Have questions? No problem!

At Skydive San Marcos, we’ve been privileged to take thousands of students on their first skydive. Over the years, we’ve answered a lot of questions from first-time jumpers. To help you prepare for your upcoming jump, we’ve compiled a few of our students’ most commonly asked questions below. We encourage you to read through these skydiving FAQs prior to your jump at Skydive San Marcos so you can arrive at the dropzone feeling confident and ready to skydive!

If you have additional questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact us! Our team would be happy to speak with you!


What time should I arrive?

The reservation you make is for your arrival time at our facility. We kindly ask that you allow up to 4 hours for your experience, however our aim is a 2 hour turnaround. Occasionally, wait times may be longer due to weather issues, or other factors out of our control.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with tennis shoes is the best option. Please avoid wearing hard soled boots. If is it cold, we suggest gloves. We will provide a jump suit for you to wear over your regular clothes.

Should I eat before jumping?

We definitely don’t recommend skydiving on an empty stomach; however, jumping after a heavy meal is also not recommended so try to eat something light.

Can I train and jump the same day?

Yes. The training time is included in the time we ask that you allow for the entire experience.

What if I'm afraid of heights?

You’re going to be so far above the ground the sensation of height doesn’t really factor in the experience. We know you won’t believe that, but that’s the response we’ve received from others who have jumped who were afraid of heights.

I suffer from motion sickness, can I still participate?

Sure, just let us know. There is a product called Sea-Bands that is a non-medicated way to combat motion sickness (which normally only occurs during the parachute ride to the ground). We do not sell Sea-bands, but most pharmacies do.

What if weather is bad on the day I'm supposed to jump?

We will be happy to reschedule you to another time or date; however, just because the weather is bad where you are, doesn’t mean it’s bad where we are. Please call for current weather conditions if in doubt. We do not cancel jump operations in advance based on a forecast. We make the weather calls on an hourly basis on the day of the jump.


Is there an age limit?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age. Texas law requires individuals to be at least 18 to execute an assumption of risk agreement (waiver), which is required before skydiving. Parents are not allowed to waive the legal rights of minors.

Is there an upper age limit?

No, however guests aged 65 or over are asked to provide a note from their physician stating they are not limited from any kind of physical activity. The note must be issued within the preceding 30 days.

Is there a skydiving weight limit?

Yes, for your safety, and that of our instructors, our listed tandem prices are for guests weighing 230 pounds or less. Guests weighing over 230 pounds will be handled on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you have questions regarding weight restrictions.


Can I bring my own camera on a skydive?

Unfortunately, no. Skydive San Marcos is a group member of the United States Parachute Association whose Basic Safety Recommendations require you to have 200 jumps before jumping with your own camera. Your tandem instructors are also NOT allowed to operate the camera for you, however you can purchase a video package and a qualified videographer will accompany you on your skydive and record the experience for you to share with friends and family. You are also very welcome to use your own camera on the ground.

Can I have my skydive photographed?

Absolutely! We offer both video and photo/video packages. 


Are dogs allowed on your facility?

Qualified service animals are acceptable, however all other pets should be left at home.

Can I smoke or vape at Skydive San Marcos?

Skydive San Marcos is a smoke and vape free facility. However, we have provided a designated smoking area adjacent to the car park for the convenience of those who want to smoke or vape. Smoking or vaping are not allowed anywhere else on the property.