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High Quality Digital Video and Photos

Thanks to the talented videographers at Skydive San Marcos, you can share your incredible skydiving adventure with your friends, family, and social network! Relive your skydive and capture your experience forever with our tandem skydiving video services.

How It Works

When you purchase a personalized video package, we’ll team you up with one of our expert videographers who will accompany you throughout your tandem skydive. Your videographer will produce a fully-edited, high-quality, digital video documenting your entire skydive. You will be accompanied and filmed as you gear up (the pre-jump interview), while on the airplane (so you can describe how you feel during the ride to altitude), during freefall (see what you look like falling at 120 mph), and upon landing to capture your comments after your adrenaline-filled experience. Your video will be downloaded to a thumb drive and will also be posted to our YouTube Channel so you can easily share your experience with friends and family!

  • Skydiving Photography

    Skydive San Marcos has some of the best skydiving camera flyers in the business! We fly our bodies to capture the best shot of your incredible experience!

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    Skydiving Videos

    If our guests have one regret about their experience, it’s that they didn’t get a video of their jump. This is one of life’s biggest adventures… document it!

Video & Photo Packages

Video and photo package prices are inclusive of tax.

Package Information Cost
Basic Video Package Personalized video package includes a 10 minute video of your experience from a pre-jump interview, gearing up, while on the airplane, freefall and landing. The package also includes direct transfer of your video to our YouTube channel.
Book and Pay for the Basic Video Package when you book your tandem jump online and receive a $10 discount when you check in for your jump!
Premier Video and Stills Package Upgrade includes Video AND high resolution Digital Photos both downloaded on a Skydive San Marcos thumb drive! $140